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FAS Arabia LLC is established to provide services and solutions involving engineering skills such as specialized maintenance services, design services, resourcing service etc. We will provide customers with courteous, affordable and exceptional quality services for their entire Industrial requirement.


We strive to become one of the top service providers in the Middle East within the shortest possible time by developing our capabilities in providing integrated solutions involving engineering skills. Our unique competency will be to provide economical solutions in the technically challenging areas with utmost customer satisfaction.


We at FAS Arabia LLC will first try to understand the customer’s requirement and will strive to meet or exceed our commitment with excellent quality on time, every time. This will be achieved by implementing procedures in line with latest ISO 9001:2008 standards.Each of our employees are empowered and responsible to ensure quality in their respective areas of function.


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  • Cable clamps (cable cleats) have been designed to resist the enormous mechanical forces that occur during a short circuit. The clamps have been tested by different laboratories such as Kema DNVGL, The Volta lab in Grenoble (Schneiderelectric), The Underwriters laboratories U.S.A (UL),SGS Brussels and the Damstra laboratory (Eaton).

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  • We are the regional representative for Ms. Clariant and promoting their Cargo and device protection materials like Desiccant, Sorb-It®: Silica Gel or Bentonite Clay with activated Carbon, Enviorgel- Silica Gel, HI Cards and HI Plugs. Container Dri® II:- Eliminating mold, corrosion, mildew, spoilage, warping and other harmful effectsof moisture during intermodal shipping.

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  • Our terminal blocks are easy to install and can be easily combined with each other, Whether you opt for screw, spring-cage, push-in, fast or bolt connection.We have a wide range of stock materials comprises of EX and ATEX approved industrial plugs and sockets which tends us to deliver your requirements on an urgent basis.

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  • A cable tie, also known as a hose tie, zap-strap, or zip tie or tie-wrap, is a type of fastener, designed for bunching electric cables or wires to organize cables and wires. There arenylon cable ties, stainless steel cable ties based on the applicationand area of uses. We are a distributor BAND ITUSA the pioneer in the metal cable identification solutions.

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